Back in the Game and Christmas in July!

So it's been a while since my last post - alas that last statement sounds all too familiar - but I have climbed back onto the perverbial blogging wagon - hoping that this time I can make what now feels like a daunting task, more like second nature. No longer happy just watching from the sidelines, I am jumping in with both feet and putting myself out there!

Ok enough rambling - since my last post, I have been actively working on my etsy shop which you can visit here.

Right now I'm preparing some items for Etsy's Christmas in July promotion. I had some ornaments left over from last Christmas and I'm hoping that they can find a good home rather than just sitting in a drawer. When I look at them all grouped together they seem like such a mismatched group but I love that - it just reminds me how much I love the process of learning and experiementing with new techniques. Some are made from my first try at fabric dying last Spring and others are inspired by a tutorial I found online on making for quilted ornaments.

So now I'm off to experiment some more...hopefully I'll remember to write about it!

Happy Stitching!

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