A New Attitude

Blogging - what, when, how - these are just a few of the questions that have been plaguing me since I started this blog way back when - that mixed in with a little sprinkle (ok a lot) of fear.  Fear of what you ask?  Well let's see...fear of not knowing what to write about; having no followers; being rejected...etc. etc.

But after getting tired of being sick and tired...(haha)...of giving into my fears - I am reminded of a famous quote - 

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."
-Henry Ford

Which reminded me that how you think or your attitude has a lot to do with you do or don't do.  Then an "Aha moment"  - that a lot of my attitude and thoughts towards blogging (among other pursuits related to this blog) are based in Fear and are holding me back from moving forward and being true to myself.

Conclusion: Everyone has fears but when we can look at our fears as an opportunity for growth, then we can begin to feel motivated to face them head on and move towards fulfilling our purpose.  

As for the what, when and how...well that's a work in progress which I plan to share in future posts.

There's so much more I want to share on my journey into the blogosphere but for now - I say feel the fear and blog anyway! :-)

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