It's Fall...Time for Halloween!

It's Fall!  Which means time for cooler weather, layered clothes and comfort food.  It also means tackling fun new projects like my daughter Mackenzie's Halloween costume.

This year my daughter has decided she wants to be a Victorian Era Vampire but with a Punk Rock twist - what ever that means - right?!  Well, she has full confidence in mommy's abilities to make it happen, since her all of her past costume requests have come off without a hitch.  Two years ago it was a Zombie Prom Queen...

and last year it was Alice, from the recent movie release of Alice in Wonderland.  Mack loved this blue dress that Alice wore in the movie and asked me to recreate it for her.  No one at school recognized who she was but she didn't care - she knew and that's all that mattered.  :-)

Since my sewing skills are a little limited in that I am not really good with making clothes - especially from a pattern - we always start with a dress usually found at the Goodwill and then it's on to tweaking it until it's just right.

This year is no different - we've found the dress and now it's on to tweaking!!  I'll be sure to share the results in a future post - this time with before and after pics!  

Happy Costume Making!

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