Halloween Success!!

So as I stated in my last post, my daughter Mackenzie decided she wanted to be a Victorian Era Vampire with a Punk Rock twist!  Which she translated to me as: "I want to wear a billowy dress but make it edgy by adding a really cool military style jacket!"

First step was to find a dress at our local Goodwill, which we did for about $12 - not bad considering it was a fraction of what it would have cost to make it not to mention - I'm not very well versed in sewing clothes so...let's just say I'm very grateful we found it.  :-)

I didn't have a pattern for the jacket so I decided to make one by tracing one out on one of her old shirts and then cutting the shirt apart to trace on to freezer paper for the pattern pieces. (Look for more details on how you can do this yourself in a future post!)

After tweaking the dress with some roching on one side we added a chainlink accent to the waist to make it more "punk rock" and then I made the decision to add the white shirt - another Goodwill find that was sitting in my closet (one of those purchases that you think you'll wear but never do!)

All in all - I'm pretty proud of the end result - nothing fancy of course but I think it was an over all success considering my daughter was super pleased and that's what counts the most for me!

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