My Studio

So my studio is my little sanctuary - my little space of heaven where I get to explore almost anything that strikes my creative fancy.  It has definitely been a work in progress but I'm quite happy with how it's come together - mostly because it reflects so many things about me - like how I love to find great pieces and re-purpose them.

For example I found my desk and chair at a local Habitat for Humanity in James Island for only $25!!! It was a bright yellow and I repainted it a more subdue color to make it look more modern.

A more recent serendipitous find was my dress form.  I have been on the prowl for one for the longest time because they can be pretty pricey and then just last month while I was dropping some items off at the Goodwill it caught my eye - it was sitting there in the corner of the back room.  I quickly tracked down the manager and made an offer and Gwen went home with me that day.  Yes the name of my dress form is Gwen, affectionately named after Gwen Stefanni.  You may not know it looking at my work or my appearance but I love her bold style and her passion for fashion.

Another great find were the shelves that sit above my sewing table - they were found in my garage left behind by the previous owner of our house - so they were FREE!!  I love free stuff!! :-)

One of the challenges I think a lot of us fabric aficionados have is how to store all the great fabric we acquire.  In my case investing in a $40 storage cubby found at Target was the right fit - add to it some bins found at my local discount store - fabric storage problem solved!

And last but not least, lets not forget a place for posting inspiration.  I love to get extra use out of the fashion magazines that I accumulate by cutting out pics and inspirational quotes and creating collages on my wall.  I also have a cork board above my sewing table for fabric swatches and affirmations for those days when I'm feeling less than creative.

I feel so lucky to have such a great work space!  Well I'm off to work on more projects...Happy Crafting! :-)

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