Quilted Make-up Bag Tutorial

In the past, I've made many a quilted make-up bag for my Etsy shop.  They always get rave reviews so I thought I would share a revised and simpler version for those who want to try their hand at making their own.  You can purchase a more detailed/downloadable version of this pattern in my Craftsy shop here.

  • 2  5.5" x 10" pieces of cotton fabric for Outer Bag 
  • 2  5.5" x 10  pieces of cotton fabric for Inner Bag Lining
  • 1  2" x 4" piece of coordinating scrap fabric for Finger Tab Piece
  • 1  1" x 4" piece of fusible interfacing for Finger Tab Piece
  • 1  9" Zipper
  • Tailors chalk or Disappearing Ink Pen
Part 1 - Prep and Quilt

Prepare Outer bag pieces by ironing fusible web to Wrong side of outer fabric pieces. I used  Kaffe Fasset fabric.

Use tailors chalk or disappearing ink pen to draw lines on Right side of outer fabric pieces for quilting.  I like to start my lines from opposite corners, draw the line and then move my ruler out one inch for the next line. 

Once you've traced your lines you're ready to go to your machine and quilt it!  Feel free to use either coordinating or contrasting thread.

It should look something like this when you're done.

I like to also add a little loop or Finger Tab on the side of my bags for carrying.

To do this take your 2"x4" piece and fuse your interfacing piece to the Wrong side of the fabric.  Fold the piece in half (lengthwise) Wrong sides facing - and then fold long sides 1/4".  Finally Edge stitch outer edges for finishing.  I'll show you where it goes in a minute. :-)

Part 2 - Pin and Zip!

Next you'll want to add your zipper.  To do this, lay the zipper (pull side down) to the Right side of one of your Outer pieces along one of the long edges.  Then lay one of your Lining Pieces, Right side down - on top of the zipper.  Pin in place - making sure all edges are lined up. 

Please note: In the photo above - the lining piece should be pinned in on top of the zipper and Outer fabric piece (oops!) 

Using your Zipper Foot - stitch the zipper in place.  When you get close to the zipper tab, turn the needle in the Down position and then pull the tab back behind the Zipper Foot.

Now turn your Lining piece so that it's facing the Wrong side of the Outer piece and repeat the above steps to attach the remaining Outer and Lining Pieces to the other side of the zipper.

Now your zipper is attached - Whew!  

Next, feel free to top stitch the Outer edges for a nice neat finish along the top edge of your bag.

Part 3 - Stitch and Turn!

Time to stitch your bag together.  First make sure your zipper is 3/4 of the way open - this will enable you to turn it.  With right sides facing, fold your finger tab and place it (folded side facing inside) about 1/4 of the way down from the top on the short side and pin in place on all sides.  

Stitch on all three sides and stitch the lining pieces together leaving about a 2.5" opening at the bottom for turning.  

Now fold the corners and stitch across the folded edge about 1 1/4" in from the top.  Then trim excess off the corners to reduce bulk.

Tip: Before you stitch the lining side make sure your zipper is opened inside
the bag or else you won't be able to turn it!

To turn, pull the quilted side through the lining side so that the lining is now sitting inside the quilted fabric.  To close the hole in the lining you can either use a slip stitch or I like to use double sided fusible tape - for a quick and easy closure.  

That's all there is to it.  If you do try making this project, please be sure to send me a pic - I would love to see how it turns out.  

Want a downloadable version of this pattern? Visit my Craftsy shop for a more detailed version of this pattern you can purchase.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Sewing!

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