Spring Fabric Wreath Tutorial

So I've been wanting to make a spring wreath to hang on my front door and today I had the pleasure of sharing my latest project in the monthly craft class I teach at a local retirement community.  Don't be fooled by the word 'retirement' these ladies have no intention of slowing down and were eager and ready to learn how to make their own.

I found my inspiration from a fabulous shabby chic type wreath project I found on Little Birdie Secrets Fabric Flower Wreath Tutorial, which you can find here.  Since I only had an hour to teach the class I decided to simplify the project by only including one of each of the flowers featured in the tutorial - a rosette, a carnation type flower and a sort of twisted rosette.

To make each fabric flower I used strips of fabric about 1 yard long and about 2.5" wide for the carnation, 2" wide for the rosette, and 1" wide for the twisted rosette.

I'm really pleased with the way the project turned out but it was a bit of a learning curve figuring out how to make each flower.  I did find a couple of other helpful tuts though.  To make the rosette I suggest checking out Miss Cami's 'Hair Rosette Tutorial' here.  You can find directions on how to make the Carnation and Twisted Rosette refer back to the tutorial I mentioned earlier at Little Birdie Secrets here.

To make the foundation of the wreath, I recycled an old cereal box (or gift boxes) and simply drew a circle about 8" in diameter then drew a smaller circle inside of the larger circle about 6" in diameter.

Next I cut out the circle shape along the outside - you'll want to cut out the middle too.  Don't worry about the edges being too neat since you'll be covering it up with fabric.

To hold the ribbon for hanging, I hole punched two holes at the top of the circle about 4" apart.

Finally I took two strips of fabric measuring about 2" wide by 36" long and wrapped them around the cardboard cut out until it was completely covered.  Trim off any excess fabric and secure with glue.

Before attaching your flowers to the foundation, I suggest adding your ribbon for hanging by pulling the ends through the holes and securing each end with at knot.

To attach my flowers I used glue stick but you could also use strong craft glue or a glue gun for extra sturdiness.  We found out today that glue stick isn't the best thing to use when you have the ceiling fan running - my sticks dried out and nothing was sticking!  So we had to improvise but isn't that what being creative is all about.

I would love have shared some pics of their finished projects but I totally spaced and forgot to take pictures.  Oh well hopefully I'll remember when I teach it again at the quilt shop.  If you live in the Charleston area, be sure to check out the Classes tab on my blog - we haven't set a date yet but it will be sometime in June.

Sorry I don't have more pics with my instructions - but I promise to update it with more pics soon.

Until then, I hope you try making your own wreath of spring loveliness!

Happy Sewing!

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