Crafting a Vision

So this past Wednesday night I taught my first Vision Board class!  Five lovely ladies joined me at SpacecraftStudios to create their own visual road map for success. 

  Each of them came to class armed with pictures, words and phrases they had cut from magazines.   Of course I came armed with a few goodies of my own and Allison Merrick, owner of SpaceCraft did an amazing job setting out a variety of tools and supplies to help them create their own little masterpieces.  We arranged, glued and then embellished all the while sharing our personal goals for the future.

At the start of class I shared my knowledge about the power of visualization and how creating a Vision Board can be a great way to harness that power to help you break unwanted habits and steer you towards your desired goals.  To learn how to make your own vision board, you can read my post about it here.

One of the things I loved about this class was seeing each person’s individual vision come to life – everyone’s Vision Board was uniquely theirs and was a perfect depiction of hope and inspiration. 

I’ve already been asked to repeat the class for another group of ladies and I can’t wait!  Why not try making one yourself or contact me at or Allison at Spacecraft (843) 284-6253 to find out when we'll be hosting the next Vision Board Class!  

Until next time – Happy Crafting!

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