Mixed Media Mania!

Ok it’s official – I am OBsessed with Mixed Media!  It all started in November when I offered to teach a Vision Board class at Spacecraft Studios this month.  I have always loved collage and I am a self professed “self-help/spiritual awareness” junkie – I love reading books on both of these topics – a Vision Board is like combining these two elements – Love it!  Anyway…since preparing for the class I’ve become more and more interested in learning different Mixed Media techniques.

Consequently, I’ve been finding tid bits of inspiration here and there - just in time for some Valentine’s Day projects!   Remember your grade school days and how fun it was to make and receive all of those Valentine’s Cards – well I hope to bring some of that fun back and hopefully I can inspire you to create your own little masterpieces of love and encouragement to share with the special people in your life.

Here’s a sneak peak – I’ve posted a tutorial on the painted cards here - more on sewn cards to follow - so stay tuned!  


 If you live locally, be sure to check out the Classes Tab to find out more about the “Make-N-Take” classes I’ll be hosting in February.

Read on, to learn where my inspiration came from and links to check them out yourself.

Last week I found lots of fun goodies like rubber stamps; lace, ric rac and trim; paper flowers; and scrap book paper at Michael’s – normally I try to stick to purchasing only the essentials when I go to the craft store but these were so cute I couldn’t resist.  

The week before that, I came across an email from Brave Girls Club calling for members to create “Truth Cards” – using the pdf kit they provided, members were asked to create little bits of inspiration and encouragement for women who were recently freed from human trafficking in the Philippines.  The cards would be taken to Manilla by co-owner and creator of Brave Girls Club, Melody Ross.  Sadly I missed the deadline to send my own cards but it inspired me to think why not make my own “Truth Cards” and share how I made mine with others so they could pass on their own words of encouragement and love.

By this point, my little wheels were turning, trying to come up with ideas on how I could use all this inspiration and turn it into a class.  Then I came across another email from ClothPaper Scissors – the post reviewed a mixed media project which inspired the suggestion of hosting a Mixed Media Valentine party.

Finally, I received a book in the mail this week, that I’ve been waiting on what seems like forever - to arrive –and it was like the icing on my tutorial cake!  The book is called "Daring Adventures in Paint" by Mati Rose McDonough.


It’s the first craft "how to" book I’ve come across that combines beautiful imagery, soulful storytelling and easy to follow instructions on mixed media techniques – needless to say I highly recommend it!

If you got to the end of this ridiculously long post – I applaud you and I hope you were inspired.  :-) 

Until next time – Happy Creating!

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