Mixed Media Valentine Card Tutorial

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This is my Mixed Media Valentine Card Tutorial.  I love this project because it uses it uses paint and paper rather than fabric and is No Sew! (although you could include fabric). They are all very simple and easy to do and it's a great way to practice with paint and since the area you're painting on is so small - you get the satisfaction of finishing a project easily and quickly, which is not always the case with sewing. ;-)  I also love the idea of using playing cards and little messages of love and encouragement. I hope you are inspired to try some of these techniques on your own. 

If you happen to live in the Charleston area, I'll be hosting a 'Make and Take' class at SpaceCraft Studios where we'll be making these - to sign up or find out more you can visit my classes tab or Spacecraft Studios site.  

Here's the 'How To'...

1.  Gather a few simple materials: Like acrylic and metallic paint; mod podge, gesso, a glue stick, paint brushes; magazine clippings; some old playing cards or Artist Trading Cards if you have them handy and some print outs of encouraging words and phrases.

I like to work with a bunch of different acrylic paints in a variety of colors and finishes, like metallic or sparkle glaze.

2.  Load a fat paint brush with some gesso and a little bit of paint - let dry and add a few more coats of paint in the same color family - let dry.


3.  Let the paint dry and then pain the other side, don't worry if you find splotches around the edges when you've turned your card over, it just adds to the overall effect.  :-)
4.  Add visual interest and contrast - to do this try the following: Spread a few dabs of paint in a contrasting color onto a brayer and roll it onto your painted surface.  

This creates some fun and interesting blotches - see...

Use an old gift card or credit card to spread/smudge paint across the surface - don't worry if you scratch some of the dried paint off - again this only adds awesome texture!

Try cutting out a shape like a heart from card stock to create a stencil, lay the cut out flat onto your card and paint in a contrasting color for a nice pop!

Dip your brush in a little water and then your paint and place your brush at the top of the card and allow the paint to drip down the surface - let dry before adding another element.

5.  Once your surface is dry - it's time to add another element besides paint like an image from a magazine or newspaper or even some fabric or ribbon.  

Create different view finders in various shapes and sizes and hold them over your printed paper to find help you find some awesome shapes to cut out from images that are larger than your card.

You can also try cutting apart images to create interesting compositions on your cards.

6.  Use a glue stick and a brayer to glue your cut images onto your card - the brayer helps to make sure your images stick on nice and flat.

7.  Now that you've glued on some images it's time to add some more paint!

Try splattering it on with a stubby brush - dip your brush in some water and paint and then rub your finger along the bristles to create a splatter effect.
Try using a running some paint across the surface with a dry brush to make cool lines.

Add some paint to a stamp...

8.  Once your surface is dry again, it's time to add some words of love and encouragement.  I just typed a bunch of phrases onto a sheet of paper and cut out the ones I wanted to use.  The font shown here is called "My Underwood".

9.  Add a few more dabs of paint onto your card so the text doesn't stand out so much, let dry and then seal with a coat of mod podge.
And that's all there is to it!  You've now created little masterpieces that you can send to someone special or just leave them in random places and brighten someone's day! 

Front Side...

Back Side...

Enjoy!  Until Next Time - Happy Creating!

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