How to Make a Yummy Trifle Dessert!

This weekend I hosted a class on how to make Mixed Media Valentine Pin Cards - you can find the tut here.  I also served up a yummy trifle dessert.  I got this recipe from my wonderful Mother-In-Law and it truly is my absolute favorite it’s very light and can be made to be fat free!


·         1 package of Angel Food Cake
·         2 boxes of *vanilla instant pudding
·         1 tub of *cool whip topping
·         1 Can of Comstock pie filling strawberry and blackberry work best
·         1 package of frozen or fresh strawberries,
blackberries or blueberries or mixed fruit
·         1 Large Bowl or Desert Serving Dish

*These ingredients can be substituted with Fat Free versions

Step 1.  Prepare Ingredients

·         Follow the instructions to make instant pudding and set aside
·         Thaw any frozen ingredients such as the cool whip and frozen fruit if necessary
·         Break Angel Food up into small pieces

Step 2.  Combine Ingredients

·         Take half a portion of the angel food cake pieces and layer them into the bottom of the dish.
·         Drizzle some of the juice from your Comstock fruit onto the angel food cake with a spoon.
·         Add a half portion of both Comstock fruit and frozen fruit on top of angel food cake
·         Add a half a portion of the pudding onto the fruit smoothing out evenly with a spoon.

Step 3.  Repeat Step 2

Step 4.  Top with cool whip

Refrigerate until served spoon out into into smaller bowls for individual servings.

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