Mini Envelope Tutorial

This past Thursday, I hosted my first Mixed Media class at SpaceCraft Studios!  It was a great turn out – we had 8 amazing women join us in making Mini Valentine Cards – we painted, splattered, glittered, and pasted our way to creating little masterpieces.

The night before the class as I was gathering some supplies and I thought we needed to have little envelopes to put our cards into – so I surfed the net and found some great jumping points but no tutorials that would accommodate the size of a playing card, which was the foundation for my project.  So after playing around with a magazine page, I came up with the tutorial below.   

If you want to learn how to make your own mini masterpieces, you can read my post about it here.  A more detailed and downloadable version of the tutorial is also available for purchase in my Craftsy shop here.

Materials for this project: One 8 ¼” x 10 ¾” magazine page and 1 glue stick or double sided tape

1.  Carefully tear out a page from a magazine.  Note: I used decorating magazines which are typically 8.24” x 10.75” so if you will need to trim your page to this size if your magazine is larger.  Determine which side of the page you want to show on the outside of your envelope.  This side will be the “Right Side” and the other side will be the “Wrong Side” for the purposes of this tutorial.  

2.  Fold your page in half matching the short sides, with the Wrong Sides facing the inside.  Pinch the folded edge in the middle with your finger.  This will to mark the center point on your page.

3.  Open the page back up and fold the two short sides in towards eachother; meeting at the center point you just made.  The sides should not overlap.  At this point, you can carefully glue the edge of the short sides to the Wrong Side of the page.

4.  Now fold one corner of the folded page and press with your finger along the folded edge.  Open the page back up and repeat this step for the opposite corner. 

6.  With one corner still folded down, fold up the bottom half of the page and press with your finger.  open the page back up.  This now marks another center point and where to fold the bottom of your page.

7.  Fold the bottom half of your page in towards where the two short sides meet in the middle.  This will create a square shape.

8.  Turn your page at an angle mimicking the shape of a diamond; so that the folded edge is on your left.

9.  Now turn your left and right points of the diamond to meet in the center.  Press the folded edges.

10.  Run some glue stick along the edge of your bottom point and carefully fold the bottom point up about ¼” inch past where the two previous folds intersect.   

Tuck the point of your folded bottom in on itself.  Then  fold down the top remaining point and press along the folded edge.

Congratulations you now have a fabulous little envelope for your mixed media master piece – Enjoy!

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