Fabric Flower Pin Tutorial

Here’s a quick and easy project to make for all the wonderful women in your life this Mother’s day!


·         Four 4”x4” squares of fabric: 2 in the same print; 1 in a coordinating print and 1 in        a contrasting print.
·         One 8” x ½” strip of contrasting fabric for the flower center
·         Coordinating embroidery floss
·         One blank card
·         One piece of scrap fabric for the front of your card.
·         One pin backing
·         One decorative button or bead for the flower center (optional)
·         Freezer paper or regular paper for tracing the flower pattern

Step 1
Trace the flower pattern onto a piece of freezer paper or regular paper.

Step 2
Stack your 4” fabric squares and place the flower pattern on top of the stack.

If using freezer paper then iron on the pattern to the top layer of the stack.  Otherwise just pin the pattern on top and cut out the flower shapes.

Step 3
Layer three of the flower pieces; placing the contrasting flower piece in between the two layers so that the petals from the contrasting fabric is showing in between the bottom and top layers.

Step 4
Fold the fourth and final flower shape in half, wrong sides facing, to create a leaf shape for your flower. 

Place the leaf shape in the center of the flower stack and secure in place with a few stitches through the middle; making sure to secure all the layers including the leaf.

Step 5

Take your fabric strip and tie a knot at one end. 

Secure it to the middle of the flower stack with a few stitches.

Step 6

Begin twisting the loose end of the fabric strip and then wrap it around the knot in the center – secure with stitches with embroidery floss as you go around. 

Don’t worry about the stitches showing – this adds texture and interest to your flower.

Step 7

After you have finished securing the center strip – tie off the thread and then add a safety pin or pin backer to the back

Step 8
Take your remaining fabric scrap and sew it to the front of a blank card.  Move the card around while on the machine to create a funky pattern.

Pin the flower to the card to give to someone special!

If you live in the Charleston area and would like to make this project, I'll be hosting a Make and Take at People, Places and Quilts in Summerville, on Friday, May 10th.  Go to my Classes Page to learn more.

Until next time, Happy Sewing!

Flower Pattern

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